Comes with hay spike and 84" bucket. Recent research conducted by wildlife biologist Donnie Draeger and a team of other researchers from Texas A&M University – Kingsville, on the expansive Comanche Ranch in the South Texas Brush Country, a ranch I managed years ago, has shown culling has no effect on improving herd antler development. As a result of that study, it was essentially decided whitetail bucks tended to develop spikes (only main beams and no other tines) because of nutrition and genetics with emphasis on the latter. That possibly meant changing livestock grazing stocking rates and grazing practices, planting spring and fall food plots, planting native browse species, fertilizing existing native browse species and removing more does and possibly bucks (depending upon the current buck to doe ratio) and giving bucks an opportunity to mature under bettered nutrition; to bring the deer population down to the number of deer the range could support in the worst of times. This insures adequate nutrition throughout the year. You'll know the second you smell how powerful the product is. Now we know a spike … If so, send it with the subject line “Weishuhn Wednesday” to The belief then was that spike antlered deer were young deer and would eventually grow into big deer. Listen to articles that celebrate the heritage, the romance and the art of hunting and fishing. Axis Deer have become one of the most desired of hunted species in Texas. 3D-Struktur des Spike-Proteins vom neuen Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Research has found that most spikes are 1.5 year old bucks. Re: Spike Definition #2884637 12/31/11 03:59 PM: Joined: Jan 2007. One Whitetail doe or spike buck, one turkey hen, and unlimited wild hogs. The deer I helped procure came from central and southern Texas. References. Live in Katy, Hunt in Menard C... T. TxAg. The No. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Have a hunting- or wildlife-related question for Larry? Like most states, Texas law prohibits deer hunting during certain times of the year. Nutrition does play a role, but those same deer may “rebound” the following year into 8 point bucks. Tractor is in Dalhart, Texas/Amarillo, Texas area! Texas Parks and Wildlife governs deer hunting season in Texas. Um in menschliche Zellen eindringen zu können, muss das Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 mit einem seiner Oberflächenproteine an die Zelloberfläche andocken. Spikes are bucks that have only a single, unbranched antler on each side of their head. Find John Deere, Sunflower, Unverferth, Mcfarlane, and International for sale on Machinio. In south Texas, general season lasts until January 20. Bucks do not necessarily breed true to their antler style, although some do!”  I thought the rule was “Once a spike always as spike,” and have been culling any from the deer on my property because I want the larger antler genetics. Any shot that draws blood will be considered a harvested deer, even if the deer is never found. For a few years, I supported and encouraged the taking of all spikes if you were into a serious quality deer management program. In fact, work at Mississippi State University and the Noble Research Institute Wildlife Unit has shown some spikes grow to be large-antlered trophy bucks. Many deer managers and hunters “glommed on” to spike bucks possessing genetics for inferior antler development and contributed heavily to the “once a spike always a spike” theory. (Bild: Jason McLellan/ University of Texas at Austin) Vorlesen. If a land manager wants more mature bucks or has a low buck to doe ratio, then shooting any buck may be a bad idea. We offer Trophy Whitetail deerand white-tailed deer management hunts, cranehunting, dovehunting, turkeyhunting and varminthunting. No gimmicks here. A: Years ago when the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on the Kerr Wildlife Management Area started its “spike buck study” to determine what role genetics played in antler development, and I was one of the wildlife biologists who helped provide deer to initiate the project. Considering that lease managers emphasize heavy year round protein feeding, why would we pour that protein ($$ and work) into yearling spikes and 2 and 3 year old sorry antlered bucks that were once yearling spikes? Your email address will not be published. COVID numbers in Texas continue to spike, even before full impact of holiday gatherings. The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as the whitetail or Virginia deer, is a medium-sized deer native to North America, Central America, Ecuador, and South America as far south as Peru and Bolivia. One of the longest, on-going debates continues to be the shooting and/or culling of spike bucks. As a wildlife biologist, Larry Weishuhn established quality wildlife management programs on approximately 12,000,000 acres across North America with emphasis on habitat and animal populations. Studies and surveys over the past 20 years have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that spikes are not genetically inferior deer that need to be taken out of the breeding pool. So, should spike bucks be shot? Interestingly, one of the bucks that produced better-antlered offspring had a very mediocre rack throughout his life. But when I was able to do some of my own research on various ranches I managed throughout Texas using various harvest and nutrition regimens, I started questioning “all spikes are bad.”  As a result of personal research, I came to a conclusion the primary reason yearling bucks developed spike antlers is because of a lack of proper nutrition. TxAg. (Incidentally there was a single 3 1/2-year-old that was recorded to have spikes.) Chris chats with old friend, Steve Lamboy, from Umarex about large-caliber air rifles. We ear-tagged several of the late-born buck fawns. But realize too, a smaller antlered buck bred to the ‘right’ doe could produce offspring with huge antlers. On one of the places I managed, which was high-fenced to control deer from entering into the property rather than getting out, we carried on a supplemental feeding program in conjunction with improving native browse, and keeping the population relatively low. Our company was established in 2005 and operates in 1 territory. No protein feeding either. TPWD did not conclude that every spike should be shot, but merely that they should be harvested if removing inferior antler traits from a deer herd was desired. We offer trophy whitetail deer hunting and white-tailed deer management hunt packages which also includes, dove hunting, hog hunting, turkey hunting, crane hunting and varmint hunting. See Spike, Shoot Spike? The vast majority (usually greater than 95 percent) of spike bucks are yearlings (1-year-old deer) and nearly all yearling spikes grow substantially larger antlers later in life. Texas A&M University has done several studies on the topic, and is the authority on the matter. 1 reason a buck wears spikes as his first set of antlers is age. And the buck-doe ratio is 1 to 1. Many agree that yearling (1.5 year old deer) spikes should not be shot. If you are looking for a lease or to hunt by the day. Steve Nelle, a Natural Resource Specialist and Wildlife Biologist, once analyzed 15 years of records from a central Texas ranch that was practicing “see spike, shoot spike.”They were harvesting every spike they saw. 2900 acres northwest of Sonora; Deer, Turkey, Axis; Did not have Anthrax; Small cabin; Price $63000 per year; available; email; Sonora Deer lease. Giving bucks an opportunity to mature under bettered nutrition can improve antler development. We are located in the Hilll Country. I can see situations where shooting spikes would be the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do depending on the long-term management goals of the property owner. Hunters love to discuss deer hunting and deer management. Trying to kill every spike in some years may remove a whole age class or cohort of deer off a property. The deer I helped procure came from central and southern Texas. A “spike buck deer” is a buck with no antler having more than one point. On the other hand, I’ve looked at the research conducted by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) at the Kerr Wildlife Management Area (WMA). When I’m not teaching at the gym, I’m usually hunting, fishing, BBQing, or doing other fun stuff. Your Texas Hunting Guide & Online Magazine. The establishment of a hybrid zone between red and sika deer (genus Cervus). The Whitetail buck harvested on this three day fully-guided hunt is decided by your guide. Should I be giving them a year or two more?”. IMPORTANT! Share List . “Once a spike, always a spike” is one of deer-hunting’s oldest and most-incorrect beliefs. Required fields are marked *. Molecular Ecology 3(6): 551-562. Posts: 3,783. Meet Corn Spike, a simple but effective product that gives deer feed a major boost in both flavor and aroma. Texas Deer Leases. Most of the ranch is densely vegetated with Oaks and native brush. Spike bucks Weishuhn tagged and were able to follow for several years, all in time produced “acceptable” to big racks, provided they got adequate nutrition. Deer Hunting: Yearling Buck Harvest Going Down, Providing the Best Habitat for Deer and Other Wildlife, The Wildlife Tax Valuation (Exemption) in Texas, Spring (Warm Season) Food Plots for White-tailed Deer. Posts: 3,783. We don’t see tons of bucks, but the mature bucks all make your eyes bug out. In south Texas, where the largest bucks in the state are found, the average fawning date for deer is July, a month later than the birth date for Hill Country deer. USED 2006 John Deere 6420 MFWD tractor with 640 loader . Our hog hunts have been featured by the NRA and other various groups. Some came from branched antlered sires, while others came from spike sires. Texas Axis Deer Chital, Driftwood Texas. In the mid 1920s, a game law was passed in Texas which protected spike antlered deer. Each Wednesday we’ll pick one of your questions for Larry Weishuhn to answer. The ranch is located in Central Texas near the cities of Coleman and Santa Anna (approximately 60 miles south of Abilene and 20 miles west of Brownwood). {SOLD} Axis Does for Sale in Central Texas January 26, 2020; Tis’ the Season to Buy Exotics! Many hunters reminisce shooting squirrels or other small game with an air rifle, but with today’s technology, an air rifle can be equally as lethal as a firearm on even big game. That may well mean removing more does while trying to improve the habitat. Sutton County Deer lease. In poor nutrition years it’s harder to tell a cull from promising buck, so cull hard in good nutrition years when the good bucks stand out and the sorry bucks next to them really look inferior. It’s just something that we do, whether it’s after checking out our latest batch of game camera photos or around the campfire after an evening hunt. Besides the beautiful hide and antlers, exotic game cooks continually seek unique ways to enjoy this delicious venison. Those spike bucks that we tagged and were able to follow for several years, all in time produced “acceptable” to big racks, provided they got adequate nutrition. Thus, the importance of being sighted in properly and taking a good shot. Deer Antlers More information Whitetail Deer SPIKE Skull from Texas 717-16 - Deer #deer #deerpaintings - Whitetail Deer SPIKE Skull from Texas 717-16 Price : 20.00 While ethics play a major role in other debates, the dispute over cull bucks boils down to science – something that should not be debatable. In north Texas, the general season closed on January 6. It may be better to cull bucks in later years when you can see another set of antlers and gather additional “data.”. More fun videos coming soon! More information - sika deer hunting in Texas . Thus, with our intensive nutrition program we were essentially “creating spikes.”  Those same late-born fawns finally caught up with those that were born at a “normal time,” but usually not until they were five years old or older. 0 John Deere Hay Spike For Sale in Cisco, TX on Equipment Trader. Extreme Tracker. Spike Box Land and Cattle offer’s Texas Hunting on our 90,000 acre cattle ranch. “Once a spike, always a spike” was a conclusion the guys at deer camp made based on nothing more than occasional observation. Young spike buck Axis deer, Texas Hill Country, Driftwood Texas, south of Austin Realize there is great dispersal of young bucks, which tend to roam to new areas, possibly nature’s way of preventing in-breeding. Spike On One Side: Genetics or Injury? 3,238 hours, left hand reverser, two remotes, Clean tractor for sale on consignent. For most of us, deer season is over. This takes me back to my statement, “If you shoot them as yearling spikes, they will always be spikes!”. References. One of the things we continued to see on that property was an abundance of yearling spikes. We generally see trophy bucks when our bucks reach maturity. TX_Youth_Home_Hunt_1_CMYK.JPG. When asked in seminars, by hunting groups and/or land managers, “Are spikes always going to be spikes?” my standard answer was and continues to be, “If spike bucks are killed as spikes I can assure you they’ll never develop a bigger set of antlers!”. Success rates sit at approximately 75% on this semi-guided Texas Whitetail hunt. As we reduced the deer population and more forage became available to the deer that remained, we did away with “the spike problem.”  With increased nutrition, yearling bucks tended to produce branched antlers for their first set of antlers. It depends. Courtesy Photo. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a9d164d942b734a886a7d4e208aa8bd7" );document.getElementById("h731c2dc4b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. Fawns from those very young does were born nearly three-months later than those born of older does. Colorado River Municipal Water District treated six boys from a children's home to the first antlerless/spike deer hunt of the 2020-21 season. I hunt a lease where there are no spikes, as the spike genes were killed out several years ago. White-tailed deer hunting in Texas is a big deal, so it should come as no surprise that hunters get real passionate about their hunting down in the Lone Star State. $1,250. The data shows that some spikes can be good bucks, but as a rule of thumb spike-antlered yearlings are inferior to yearling bucks with branched antlers. Leases Are Marked Available or Leased. T. Joined: Jan 2007. The primary cause for that was the fact that more than 80 percent of the 6-month-old does on the property were bred their first year of life, usually in February — a time when they were trying to grow their own body and trying to develop a fetus at the same time. 1960. If I surveyed property and saw an abundance of yearling spike bucks, my first suggestion was to start improving the daily nutrition to the deer present on the property. Typically it will be 7 points or less, and is inferior to the gene pool of our trophy Whitetail. $2,250. Without a doubt you will have an enjoyable time here at Spike Box Land & Cattle. The study recommends culling yearling spikes, and for better faster concentration of good (big antler) genes, cull everything that is not at least a yearling 4 pointer. The caveat was that in poor nutrition years, the superior antler genes may not show well. Texas Exotic Hunting Regulations: CWD Testing REQUIRED! You may lose your hunting permit if you do not adhere Texas hunting restrictions. Bottom line answer to your question…I would give the spikes you are seeing an opportunity to mature, while doing all you can to improve the day to day nutrition. In one experiment it measured the antlers of 144 whitetail deer that had been bred and raised in large pens. In the past few years, there has been much talk about culling “management bucks”— those that have smaller antlers than others the same age or cohort — which is something we must touch on here briefly as well. Research again confirmed does have at least a 50-percent influence on antler development of their offspring. December 4, 2019 {SOLD} Axis Deer for Live Sale September 12, 2019 {SOLD} Aoudad/Barbary Sheep for Live Sale July 28, 2019; Danny Barry, Owner Originally from India, these large deer have a reddish hide with white spots with long, gently curved, three-pronged antler tines averaging up to 35″. In the farmland where deer have access to better nutrition, only 12 of 1,826 2 1/2-year-old deer (.6%) were spikes. Feeding Soybeans to Deer as a Protein Supplement. The smaller bucks started out as yearling spikes. Deer Hunting in South Texas – Shooting Spike Bucks. Nip the dikes as yearlings so they don’t compete with the better bucks and pass on inferior antler traits. A deer with spike antlers could be born in May while a 6-point yearling may be born in July. October 15, 2012 | By Gabe Karns Among hunters, few topics stir discussion like hunting over bait or hunting deer with dogs – but the dispute over “cull bucks” comes close. By the mid 1950‘s, biologists had learned how to age deer using a tooth wear and replacement technique developed by Severinghaus (1949). Genetic antler potential can only be attained with good daily nutrition and achieving maturity. As a writer, he has served on staff on numerous publications in hunting, shooting and wildlife management and has long been involved with the highest quality outdoor television productions. If you want to manage for bucks who tend to grow big antlers (trophy deer) the Kerr Wildlife study clearly recommends culling the yearling spikes as they rarely (seldom) develop superior racks. Some of these older Wisconsin deer recorded to have unbranched antlers on each side might actually have had broken antlers rather than natural spikes. A relatively common antler abnormality observed in members of the deer family, whitetails included, is referred to as spike-on-one-side. Advertisement The number of confirmed COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the North Texas hospital region jumped by 95 on Monday. One of the longest, on-going debates continues to be the shooting and/or culling of Each had identical nutrition. This, I recall, was one of the first comprehensive long-term whitetail deer genetics study ever done. Simply add desired amount to your feed, mix it in evenly and you've turned your basic deer feed into a meal every deer in the neighborhood will smell and want a piece of. Chesapeake Science 1(2): 79-95. Through state-approved research projects, we ear-tagged yearling spike bucks and followed their antler development. Come and experience a hunt of a lifetime at the Spike Box Ranch! Search for used SPIKE HARROW. Idaho Non-Residents Can Apply for Big Game Controlled Hunts, Michigan Man Confesses to Killing Deer with a Hammer, Inspirational "Fox News Outdoors" Host, Johnny “Joey” Jones, "Lady to the Rescue" by John Seerey-Lester, Chris Dorsey and Kevin Fay on Favorite Outdoor Photographers, Casting Call: The Newest Fly-Fishing Book and Film from Dorsey Pictures, Interview with President and CEO of the Ruffed Grouse Society, Ben Jones, Be At-One with Your Gun with Boyds’ Adjustable Gunstock, See the exciting line of Sporting Classics products. Live in Katy, Hunt in Menard C... TwinBubba and Squib have it right. White-tailed deer hunting in Texas is a big deal, so it should come as no surprise that hunters get real passionate about their hunting down in the Lone Star State. Research has found conflicting results and many experts suggest that even the research may have to be thrown out the window when talking about specific properties. All their first year had spike antlers! There are restrictions based on the type of deer you want to hunt or if you are using a bow and arrow. North Texas accounted for about half of the cases reported statewide. A: Years ago when the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on the Kerr Wildlife Management Area started its “spike buck study” to determine what role genetics played in antler development, and I was one of the wildlife biologists who helped provide deer to initiate the project. They usually did a poor job of both. We are a high fenced ranch in Coleman County, Texas. Christian, John J., Vagn Flyger and David E. Davis. Sporting Classics Daily/Sporting Classics TV. Thanks for watching my video. These extremely young does were also trying to produce milk to support their fawns, while still developing their own long bones. Abernathy, K. 1994. If you’re interested in reading more about the research please visit and read the article by entitled, “QDM Works, Culling Doesn’t” dates October 16, 2019. Many believe that bucks with a spike antler on one side, but a normal branched antler on the other, possess inferior genetics for antler growth. And this is easy to justify because in dry years a a good number of yearling bucks are spikes. by Larry Weishuhn | Nov 6, 2019 | BIG GAME, HUNTING, Q&A, Slider, Q. Larry, last week you wrote “Genetics determines shape and size of antlers. Very clean, low hour tractor! All other deer are antlerless deer. Part of the long-term project involved using DNA and showed that just because a buck had big antlers did not mean his offspring would. Factors in the mass mortality of a herd of sika deer, Cervus nippon. Read the Kerr study, follow the recommendations and see your big-antlered bucks. Extreme Tracker. Regardless of how you feel about the spike debate, I think you should weigh both options before jumping off into some kind of shoot-first ask questions later kind of deer management program. spike-antlered deer may be inferior and on average will never produce the kind of antlers that multi-pointed yearlings will.